Finished Tulip Toes!


So I finally finished my first pair of Tulip Toes and blocked them last night. Today they went to their new home with Buster and I’m so excited that they fit!!! Unfortunately with all the excitment with me holding a baby for the first time, I forgot to take a picture. But I assure you, CUTEST BABY EVER!!! with tiny tiny feet 🙂

Tulips getting blocked! Thank goodness they’re so small so drying time was super quick 🙂


Knitting Timeline


So l’ve decided that before l order more yarn, it would be in my best interest to try and start/finish projects with the yarn already available to me. Without further ado:

Finish Jubliee with the gloss lace, discontinued color : chipotle block
Finish Tulip Toes in fingering weight palette, colors : white and green block
Start commissioned birthday project with fingering weight palette, colors : grey, blue and red

Start on Jessica’s Christmas present
Start working Mimi’s bday present, fingering weight palette, colors :
Finish Sandy’s Christmas present, fingering weight palette, colors :

Finish commission birthday present

l think this is pretty doable at the moment. Other future knits that l would like to tackle sometime soon include:
bell curve with all the grey yarn l stocked up on years ago!! l think l have maybe 8-9 skeins, hopefully enough for this skirt
with the new lace yarn that is awaiting me at Jessica’s house, l plan to knit seascape
some really fine and beautiful yarn that l bought with the gift card Jessica gave me for my birthday to LisCat l plan to make wisp
And of course the granddaddy of them all, l HAVE to make this now that the yarn is already ordered.. Eunny Jang’s deep v argyle vest



I ❤ Jessica, aka my BKFF (best knitting friend forever!!) because I can always rely on her to be as addicted to shopping for yarn as I am!
We recently purchased another boatload of yarn from knitpicks and it was recently delivered! LOVE!!!
Now all I need is someone who loves me enough to buy me this!!

New issue of Knitty!!

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I always look forward to the new issue of knitty and this spring/summer issue does not disappoint. There are definitely some weird entries (aka gams) but there are some contenders for future knits 🙂
Looking at tappan zee I think I’m still going to try and knit hey teach from last year. Although I do prefer the sport weight for tappan zee I much prefer the lace work on hey teach instead.. Maybe I can try my hand at altering the pattern.
I really like the look of que sera but I can’t decide if it’s because I like the purple or the pattern. Cotton seems too heavy for a spring/summer wear, maybe in a smaller weight? I think I’m just adverse to knitting with worsted weight at the moment.
Anthemion is pretty gorgeous, this is definitely going on my future knits list, and I have to admit that I LOVE the dress the model is wearing. Maybe even more than I love the lace 🙂 I’m a little tempted to frog jubilee just so that I have enough yarn to do this instead! Hmmm…

Kermit hat

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So this is the elusive hat that I saw someone wearing once at Disneyland. I walked through both parks trying to find the hat so I could take a picture so that someday I could try and knit this myself for my own kermie friend 🙂
Apparently these hats are sold at spencers. Who knew spencers was still around??

Tulip toes

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So this is my third try at the tulip toes pattern. I think I finally understand the instructions although now that I’m at the back petal I think I’m lost again.
I took this picture yesterday with a ps3 controller to show how small these booties are!

Baby Booties

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Because there are so many new babies in my life l feel the need to start knitting baby goods, and l thought l would give booties a try. Found an extremely adorable pattern on knitty called Tulip Toes but the pattern is really tripping me out. ls there anyone out there who can decipher how to work the front of the foot pattern?? HELP!!!!! l gave up already on my first try, l’m gonna have to try this pattern again soon after l get a good night’s sleep.

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