I always look forward to the new issue of knitty and this spring/summer issue does not disappoint. There are definitely some weird entries (aka gams) but there are some contenders for future knits 🙂
Looking at tappan zee I think I’m still going to try and knit hey teach from last year. Although I do prefer the sport weight for tappan zee I much prefer the lace work on hey teach instead.. Maybe I can try my hand at altering the pattern.
I really like the look of que sera but I can’t decide if it’s because I like the purple or the pattern. Cotton seems too heavy for a spring/summer wear, maybe in a smaller weight? I think I’m just adverse to knitting with worsted weight at the moment.
Anthemion is pretty gorgeous, this is definitely going on my future knits list, and I have to admit that I LOVE the dress the model is wearing. Maybe even more than I love the lace 🙂 I’m a little tempted to frog jubilee just so that I have enough yarn to do this instead! Hmmm…