So l’ve decided that before l order more yarn, it would be in my best interest to try and start/finish projects with the yarn already available to me. Without further ado:

Finish Jubliee with the gloss lace, discontinued color : chipotle block
Finish Tulip Toes in fingering weight palette, colors : white and green block
Start commissioned birthday project with fingering weight palette, colors : grey, blue and red

Start on Jessica’s Christmas present
Start working Mimi’s bday present, fingering weight palette, colors :
Finish Sandy’s Christmas present, fingering weight palette, colors :

Finish commission birthday present

l think this is pretty doable at the moment. Other future knits that l would like to tackle sometime soon include:
bell curve with all the grey yarn l stocked up on years ago!! l think l have maybe 8-9 skeins, hopefully enough for this skirt
with the new lace yarn that is awaiting me at Jessica’s house, l plan to knit seascape
some really fine and beautiful yarn that l bought with the gift card Jessica gave me for my birthday to LisCat l plan to make wisp
And of course the granddaddy of them all, l HAVE to make this now that the yarn is already ordered.. Eunny Jang’s deep v argyle vest