I just found my new favorite knitting blog!

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Someday I will learn how to crochet. But for now I can finally make all the cute amigurami patterns that I lust over that are always crochet!!
Go ahead.. click the link.. you’re gonna die from all the cute knitted goodness!!
knitted toy box


well crap..

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it’s almost mid april and all l’ve accomplished so far is finishing half of my commissioned present. Haven’t started on anything else yet, haven’t been knitting since Monday.. l think not being able to post pictures has made me lose some motivation.
Someone kick me and make me start knitting more consistently!

I want to update with pictures

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but all of my current projects are gifts. l think l need to find something to knit that is quick and easy. And for me 🙂 Or to sell on my etsy shop so l can feel free to post and keep everyone updated! Any suggestions?