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So as of right now I’m working on two long incredibly late gifts. One for my KBFF Jessica (Christmas) and the second for Mimi (birthday). I’m happy to report that Mimi’s present is now 3/4 done (crossing my fingers that the size will fit well) and that Jessica’s present is… 1/4?? Haha man I picked a big project this time.. I’m really going to need some discipline to finish it!! Pictures to come when I figure out how to post a jump so that the giftees will not be tempted to peek


Long over due update pt 2


So this is the wig that I made for the night I went to conan’s legally prohibited tour in Hollywood! I got the pattern from an Elvis wig and used lion brand orange for the yarn. This was knit in two days, I also made a quick headband to wear underneath to keep my fly aways under wraps.
The wig and I had an amazing time and we got to meet Trent from PinkIsTheNewBlog along with some of my favorites from the show Parks and Recreation!

Long over due update

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So this is a progress shot of my first ever commissioned birthday present from K for Denise. Its a good thing she has small hands, when I was knitting the left side I made it a little tighter, especially the thumb (sorry Denise!!)
I’m glad that I finished the present on time and that she liked it 🙂 wish I had a finished picture to share =p this project helped keep me company during the food and wine event at DCA so I’ll remember it fondly!