Caro’s Wedding Day Survival Kit

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As is my favorite bridal shower gift, I made Carolyn a wedding day survival kit, although because she did not have a bridal shower I made this.. quite late!  Shrinky Dink to the rescue!!


You can see the inspiration for the decoration as the save the date magnet that was mailed out to invited guests. Before the shrinking :


After :


And the final product glued onto the box lid.  The only thing I have left to do it type up the list to glue on the inside of the box!



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So this past Monday, November 15,  has to be the best Monday I’ve ever had! I’m sure everyone knows what made it so great but I wanted to post about it anyways 🙂

It should be apparent to everyone how much I love Conan, and when he finished with his run on the Tonight Show I was lucky enough to make it to his last week of tapings by attending the Conan rally and getting standby tickets.  I was able to make it to one of his tour dates during the summer when he did his Legally Prohibited shows, and last month as what I’d like to think of as an early birthday present, I won four tickets to his brand new TBS show through the ticket lottery system to a taping on the Monday of his second week of taping.  Since I love reasons to stencil shirts I took this opportunity to stencil three shirts for my friends who were going with me.  I picked fairly easy stencils for this project since I waited until the night before to make them.

Here they are in all their glory :

Lauren’s shirt

Mimi’s shirt

And because I tried to free hand Sandy’s shirt I don’t have a picture of just the final shirt because it took a while for it to grow on me.

The waiting area for Conan’s new show is n the bottom floor of the parking garage which is a nice change from the outdoor area we had to use for his Tonight Show taping with NBC.  So far : TBS 1, NBC 0

As you can see we got there fairly early, the tickets said to arrive by 3pm, we got there just before noon.  Unfortunately before we were allowed into the waiting area we had to leave our phones/cameras in the car so I made everyone take a group picture to show my stenciled shirt before we cut ourselves off from the world.

We even lucked out and found other fans who were willing to take a picture of our whole group together 🙂

So the other super nice thing about Conan’s taping with TBS is that once we got into the waiting area we were followed almost immediately by the pages who went down the benches and checked us in, gave us our wristbands and also notated what number group we were!  So instead of having to sit inside the garage for three hours until the taping would begin we were allowed to leave and go anywhere we wanted, so long as we got back in time for the taping! TBS 2, NBC 0

We ended up being group 9, apparently the first group got to the garage somewhere around 9am.

Since we were able to leave, we decided to have a picnic in the park at Griffith Park.  While there we crafted, played the movie title game from Cougar Town, and just had a relaxing afternoon outdoors.  The night before when I was working on the shirts I had sent Mimi a picture of this amazing yarn beard that I had found on etsy from 
Mimi was up to the challenge of recreating it!

Of course, because Mimi is amazing, she was able to finish it within the 2 1/2 hr crafting time!

If you still haven’t watched Conan’s Episode 5 taping of Hickory Dickory Danger, SHAME ON YOU! Because he totally wore the beard!!!!! Go to and click on the video tab to watch the entire episode.

because I like trying to win free stuff

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