So for those of you who know me, this past weekend was my brother’s wedding! I’m so proud of him and my new sister in law Carolyn because they had the best wedding I’ve ever been to!  And so much of it was DIY but everything looked so professional (all thanks to Carolyn of course!)

Because of Carolyn I felt the need to up my craftiness for the wedding as well.  I had already decided on wearing my hair down since I have horrible tan lines that need to be hidden so I took found objects from the house to make this headband.  Actually the glittery parts came from an ornament I bought at Target, so I guess one part was bought..


Here is the table of props that I made for the photobooth that was rented for the reception.  Everything was a hit and this photo booth was constantly in use!  The only things on this table not crafted by myself (with the help of Malisa and both sets of our parents) are the glasses and the reindeer ears that I bought in the dollar section of Joann’s.

Here is a close up of some of my favorites :


old man glasses ( I wish I could’ve had more time to make balloons to go with them since they remind me of Up)

My dearest Coco of course!


And this last prop made especially for the couple


Here is a photo of some of the props in use by my little cousins and myself.   Please ignore the shiny shiny make I have going on there..