so for those of you who are lucky enough to be my friends on facebook, earlier this month I posted an opportunity for 5 people to receive a handmade item from myself.  The catch was that they would in turn have to offer up the same opportunity to 5 other people and so on and so forth.  Well I got greedy and posted on 3 people’s posts so I should technically be making 15 items for 15 people.  But I didn’t get that many requests for my goods (sob) so I’ve decided that I will make some extras for the people who did sign up for “Pay it forward 2011”

I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave Lauren one of her items, but I got the pattern from here

These gloves that I’m currently working on are a quick knit so far, I’ve decided that I want to try knitting fingers, and I wanted to make something similar to the gloves that mimi bought from Target so it was finally time to try the free pattern from knitty.  I think the needles I used are a bit too big so these might end up going to a guy. Preferably someone with big hands 😛 This should teach me to check my gauge from now on.. 6 hrs of work so far for something that won’t fit me

And of course the requested blue hallowigfor goat pants (aka Matthew) who I am excited to finish this for.. once I get more yarn!!