Why I woke up at 3:30am this morning

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So my wonderful aunt decided that she wanted to go in a hot air balloon. This subject first came up last week, and at the time I told her I would be interested but right now it’s just not in my budget since it’s usually $100+ per person. On Monday she called to say that she would be willing to pay for me if I wanted to go with her, so of course I jumped at the chance! Luckily I work with a great manager who is always willing to give me time off since I have oodles of PTO, just not the whole day so I would only get a couple hrs off. I told my aunt that it was good to go on my end, we just needed to commit to a day and soon we would be air bound! Tuesday comes around and she realizes that my work (in Irvine off the 5) would not be on the way to Temecula (off the 15) so we would have to reschedule for another time, perhaps next month when I could possibly ask for a full day off. Then yesterday she called to say my dad would be willing to drop me off after our adventure, AND he would be willing to drive out to Irvine in traffic to pick me up afterwards. That’s just crazy talk, but I accepted it because if my aunt decides to go, you have to be ready to go too or be left behind in the dust. Thank goodness the Janss house is great for parking (thanks mimi!!) and right off the 91 so it was worked out that I would leave my car there today, and after the hot air balloon they would drop me off at my car and I would continue into work.

so going left to right :

1. we have the truck carrying the basket for the hot air balloon, I thought this was going to be much bigger but it turned out to be just enough room for 6 people!

2. This is how they start blowing up the balloon, with a massive fan that the guy has to start like those old lawn mowers, y’know with the string that you pull to get the motor started??

3. I thought this guy looked like Scott Speedman and immediately wanted to start watching Felicity again. I almost wished he mumbled

4. time for the flames!!!!

5. once we were inside the basket he really let it rip on the propane. my face was really hot, I’m glad I’m a short person, otherwise I’m scared my hair might have gotten singed!

6. I thought I had a picture of when the balloon was still on the ground and the guy walked inside the balloon, this inside shot will have to suffice until I upload pictures from my camera (these pictures were all taken with my phone this morning)

7. The sun is just barely rising at this point. Still can’t believe I was up before the sun this morning!

8. Sunshine coming in strong!

9. You can see more balloons starting up beside us, we were the first ones in the air. I think there were 5 of us total this morning.

10. I took this picture to show how much it looked like I was floating over legos! Lots of citrus trees and grape vines 🙂

11. After we landed we got to celebrate with champagne I didn’t hate it! but I also didn’t finish it), some fruit and pastries


Last baby shower of the summer!

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So last Saturday was my final baby shower of the summer, possibly of 2011 but who knows, everyone seems to be popping out babies this year! Unfortunately I ran out of time for all the stuff I wanted to make for Cole’s baby, but this just means that I get to craft more to give to her later for her baby boy (yet to be named).  Especially since I remembered afterwards that I specifically bought something for her and forgot to print it out 😦 le sigh, my brain is getting too old and forgetful.

So onto the crafts!

As my baby shower constant, I made a couple onesies for Cole.  I used Kurt Halsey for my inspiration since this is one of her favorite artists and I absolutely love his work.  Unfortunately I only found 2 pieces that I thought I could re-create well enough for a gift, I’m still on the lookout for a 3rd piece to make into the last onesie for Cole’s baby.

I was really pleased with the way the polar bear/penguin came out but the poor turtle got a smudge on his upper left shell, so I tried to fix it by shading in the rest of his shell with some grey paint.  I’m undecided about how I feel this attempt, it does make it a little more like the grey scale that Kurt uses but I really liked the stark black and white stencil on its own.

Of course I made Sheldon (this is my last turtle future baby makers!!) per Cole’s request.  I really love the color combo of light blue/green and I finished him at the last minute before leaving for the baby shower.  Someday I’ll be a bit more prompt with my crafting, last weekend for Baby Poompanina I managed to burn myself with the iron in my rush to finish the onesies.

Lastly, I wanted to give some background history on my friendship with Cole.  We met in Jr. High school and became instantly close friends.  Because of Nicole and especially her mother, I became interested in crafting.  I don’t think I would be the person I am today without their influence.  Although Cole and I have taken different paths in our crafts (she is super talented at scrapbooking and card making,  I think she has just about every cricket cartridge available) I fell in love with knitting.  Her mother is amazing at sewing, quilting, crochet, and baking!  Just to give you an idea of how amazing she is, this is the cake that she baked for Cole’s baby shower (and you can see all the work that Cole put into the cake with her paper crafts)

Cole’s younger sister Kristin even got in on the action and made the cupcakes.  Seriously, can they get any cuter??

And that ends the Summer of Baby Showers!  Now I just have various ends and odds to finish to continue making for these babies, they have a lifetime of crafts coming their way 🙂

Baby Poompanina

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So another baby shower has come and gone, and this time I really pushed it on the crafting deadline!! My first idea was to just make three onesies for the baby but I found a super cute pattern for a vintage hooded sweater from ravelry that only took one skein! Luckily I have the best supply of crafting tools at my disposal so I had everything I needed in my room, ready to be raided for knitting! This has to be the quickest knitted gift I’ve ever attempted for someone, I started this on Monday night after work and finished it around 11Am this morning with just enough time to block it (I hate blocking with a passion!!!)

Thank goodness today was a sunny day, who knows if this would’ve dried in time for me to finish weaving in all the ends today if I didn’t have the sun to help me along!

Finished sweater complete with a heart ribbon to tie it all together 🙂  If anyone wants to try knitting the pattern it can be found here :  One Skein Sweater

This of course came from an existing threadless design, I think I got most of the details just right which makes me happy! The original can be found here : Birth Day

Since Michael and Sandra are such foodies, I thought they would appreciate the butcher diagram of some of their favorite foods 🙂 My original plan was to also have the word “Cow” and “Pig” written underneath in both Thai and English but I ran out of time, plus I think it looks better with just the simplicitiy of the outlines.  So there you have it! 2 baby showers down, 1 more to go!!

It’s baby shower season!!

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So this month I have 3 baby showers, the first of which was today for Baby R from H & K.  The theme was library books since K is such a big reader and it was the cutest theme ever!! Big props to B & M who organized it and made up the best baby shower game ever!! I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun playing a game before, and I love that you guys created it yourself!

For those of you who know me, and I think even those who don’t, it’s pretty obvious that I LOVE food. So my baby book of choice was easy : The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I loved this book as a child, and as I grew older I came to appreciate the artwork in the book. I think because of this book I tend to hoard tissue paper in bright colors because I always want to create someting similar.

Anyways, back to the baby shower gift. I am a huge procrastinator (I’m sure I still owe everyone a christmas present from.. oh, possibly 2 years ago??) and I waited until last night to work on my onesies for Baby R. The best thing about this present is that I got to do one of my favorite things, mix paint colors! I specifically only buy primary colors so that when I do my stencils they really are unique in their own way, if only because the colors will never be exactly the same and you know that each stencil is hand made. Since I styled these after the artwork in the book it gave me even more freedom to mix with splotches and uneven colors which is great 🙂

this was my first onesie since M had a great idea of doing various sizes so that baby can grow into them!  I think this is my favorite because I’m in love with how great the sun came out! Please ignore the flyer I used the fabric, I was too excited to take a picture to remove it.

A slightly bigger caterpillar (this time hand painted because I forgot to make a stencil) that eats his way through the apples!

Finally, the biggest caterpillar of them all!! This of course went on my biggest onesie for the baby 🙂 I think my favorite part about the caterpillar is doing the little details like the different colored hashes on top to make him furry!

At the baby shower I got some more black onesies to do “homework” with and I can’t wait to stencil some more for the baby!!

So my next shower is next weekend for Baby Poompanina, I have some new ideas for what to make her but nothing solid yet.  It might just have to be another late night session of crafting 🙂  As for Cole’s baby shower the weekend after, I’m almost done with another Sheldon per her request.