So another baby shower has come and gone, and this time I really pushed it on the crafting deadline!! My first idea was to just make three onesies for the baby but I found a super cute pattern for a vintage hooded sweater from ravelry that only took one skein! Luckily I have the best supply of crafting tools at my disposal so I had everything I needed in my room, ready to be raided for knitting! This has to be the quickest knitted gift I’ve ever attempted for someone, I started this on Monday night after work and finished it around 11Am this morning with just enough time to block it (I hate blocking with a passion!!!)

Thank goodness today was a sunny day, who knows if this would’ve dried in time for me to finish weaving in all the ends today if I didn’t have the sun to help me along!

Finished sweater complete with a heart ribbon to tie it all together 🙂  If anyone wants to try knitting the pattern it can be found here :  One Skein Sweater

This of course came from an existing threadless design, I think I got most of the details just right which makes me happy! The original can be found here : Birth Day

Since Michael and Sandra are such foodies, I thought they would appreciate the butcher diagram of some of their favorite foods 🙂 My original plan was to also have the word “Cow” and “Pig” written underneath in both Thai and English but I ran out of time, plus I think it looks better with just the simplicitiy of the outlines.  So there you have it! 2 baby showers down, 1 more to go!!