So my wonderful aunt decided that she wanted to go in a hot air balloon. This subject first came up last week, and at the time I told her I would be interested but right now it’s just not in my budget since it’s usually $100+ per person. On Monday she called to say that she would be willing to pay for me if I wanted to go with her, so of course I jumped at the chance! Luckily I work with a great manager who is always willing to give me time off since I have oodles of PTO, just not the whole day so I would only get a couple hrs off. I told my aunt that it was good to go on my end, we just needed to commit to a day and soon we would be air bound! Tuesday comes around and she realizes that my work (in Irvine off the 5) would not be on the way to Temecula (off the 15) so we would have to reschedule for another time, perhaps next month when I could possibly ask for a full day off. Then yesterday she called to say my dad would be willing to drop me off after our adventure, AND he would be willing to drive out to Irvine in traffic to pick me up afterwards. That’s just crazy talk, but I accepted it because if my aunt decides to go, you have to be ready to go too or be left behind in the dust. Thank goodness the Janss house is great for parking (thanks mimi!!) and right off the 91 so it was worked out that I would leave my car there today, and after the hot air balloon they would drop me off at my car and I would continue into work.

so going left to right :

1. we have the truck carrying the basket for the hot air balloon, I thought this was going to be much bigger but it turned out to be just enough room for 6 people!

2. This is how they start blowing up the balloon, with a massive fan that the guy has to start like those old lawn mowers, y’know with the string that you pull to get the motor started??

3. I thought this guy looked like Scott Speedman and immediately wanted to start watching Felicity again. I almost wished he mumbled

4. time for the flames!!!!

5. once we were inside the basket he really let it rip on the propane. my face was really hot, I’m glad I’m a short person, otherwise I’m scared my hair might have gotten singed!

6. I thought I had a picture of when the balloon was still on the ground and the guy walked inside the balloon, this inside shot will have to suffice until I upload pictures from my camera (these pictures were all taken with my phone this morning)

7. The sun is just barely rising at this point. Still can’t believe I was up before the sun this morning!

8. Sunshine coming in strong!

9. You can see more balloons starting up beside us, we were the first ones in the air. I think there were 5 of us total this morning.

10. I took this picture to show how much it looked like I was floating over legos! Lots of citrus trees and grape vines 🙂

11. After we landed we got to celebrate with champagne I didn’t hate it! but I also didn’t finish it), some fruit and pastries