What to do with leftover hot chocolate sauce

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Freshly baked out of the oven, I didn’t space the cookies right but that means I get to cut the pieces smaller 🙂 now I can share these with even more people!



Lazy, stupid, or stubborn?

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Or all three? This is what happens when I have my heart set on a recipe but don’t really plan ahead. What I did do was make sure that I bought eggs when I went to the market on Friday. Other than that, I had to improvise for the rest of the recipe. I think this is why my baked goods are always so amateur, I don’t follow baking directions wells!!!
So the main reason why I realized just how lazy/stupid/stubborn I am is when I started reading the directions about separating the egg whites so I could beat them to white foamy peaks for the topping… and finally got around to looking in our newly renovated kitchen for the mixer.. which is currently at my mom’s house. So granted I could drive over (about 5 minutes) but this is where the lazy comes into play. So like a stupid person I thought, I can just hand whisk these eggs whites!!! And found out just how out of shape I am when I got winded about 20 seconds into beating the whites. But as a very stubborn person I just kept going until they were foamy, stiff white clouds. Tadaa!!!
As for the hot chocolate that was called for in the recipe.. I also forgot to buy that. And getting it now would require me to leave the house after I already spent all that energy on the stupid egg whites, so I did what any reasonable person with Internet access does. I found a recipe and made my own hot chocolate. And it was super easy AND delicious (anybody want to do an ice cream party anytime soon? I have a full bowl left in my fridge still)
So this will be my first dessert that is truly HAND made. I miss my mixer.

If anyone is interested in the hot fudge peanut butter bar or the hot chocolate sauce just click on the links )