so for a while now poor Henry has been my only 2011 baby to not have anything hand knitted from me. call me a procrastinator, but I’m gonna say that it took me this long to find the cutest thing to make him! I love ravelry because I found the pattern for a GRUMPASAURUS!!! here is the link in case anyone else wants their own grumpasaurus

20111009-231112.jpg so I couldn’t resist taking progress shots, and at this point my little grumpy looks 1: asian and 2: like those green blobs from plants vs zombies that squish the zombies when they get too close!

y’know.. this guy :

so I had to hurry up and finish some appendages for him so he wouldn’t look so.. squash like.


then came the tail.. and this was a much longer tail than I had anticipated for such a short and stubby little fellow!


the spikey part was surprisingly the easiest part for me, it was my first time doing a cable cast on AND a picot bind off! thanks grupmy for teaching me something new πŸ™‚




I’m not sure if I’ll ever attempt making a grumpy part 2, but if I do I will be sure to actually use the correct needle size. all the increases were difficult because I was too lazy to search my room for the larger needles as suggested in the pattern, I think I would’ve saved myself some headache. Lesson learned.. never go smaller on needle size!