so most of you already know, but for those of you who don’t, next month l’m going to be participating in a holiday shop! l’m so excited to be getting together with some of the most talented craftsters l know (l’m so intimidated right now) to sell our wares on november 12 in anaheim. we will be there from 1-8pm and there will be live music, tons of crafts and l hear some amazing baked goods! since this is the first (and hopefully it will become an annual tradition) sale l need your help in spreading the word!! so far we’ve created an event page on facebookyelp, and craftster

10% of the proceeds from all of the sales will benefit this charity




ok, now that l got that out of the way here are some progress shots of what l plan to sell!


these paper stars are awaiting their turn to become stitch markers to fill my knittingnotions tins! each of my tins are going to be decorated and filled with the essential tools for most knitting projects 🙂








 these billows have already been featured on this blog, l’m still loving them. l’m contemplating buying more fabric to make more of them in the future (l just got a coupon for 25% my entire purchase at joann’s next week!!)






these next two scarves are knit with the best yarn from knitpicks. they are so delicate and soft, it seriously feels like l’m knitting a cloud. and because the yarn is so airy it actually traps in quite a bit of heat so these will be perfect to wear in layers, especially with our light winters here in ca 🙂