I am amazed everytime I get together with my uber talented friends because we were able to organize the most amazing craft sale! I was really nervous that the items that I made for the shop would stand out because everyone makes such professional looking items, but I’m so thankful that I actually sold some items!  Here are some photos of the day that I took with my phone :


almost all of these adorable knits are made by two sisters who also have an etsy shop that you can find here

special thanks to Mimi for helping me display my scarves! I’m still debating what to do with the items that didn’t sell, some will become gifts, some I might to try and sell again on etsy.





I had to include this photo : PUMPKIN PIE IN A JAR!! it was as delicious as it sounds 🙂



20111113-200140.jpgthe nursery was filled with incredible wooden toys/bookends. I absolutely love the sun/clouds bookends that you can find here


for more photos of the day from a much more professional camera please check out Bethany’s blog (who also is the person who graciously organized and hosted the entire event!)