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just thinking over the year and realizing that l actually read quite a few books this year: game of thrones series (5 books), re-read the hunger games trilogy (march is not coming soon enough for me), the battle hymn of the tiger mom, the steve jobs biography, water for elephants, and quite a few free books on my kindle (currently reading kitchen confidential). l also listened to my second audio book : bossypants by tina fey, l definitely recommend this book! especially on the audio book format since it’s read by tina herself.

although mornings really suck l’m looking forward to taking the train more often because it creates more time for me to read/knit. l really love my kindle 🙂 l know most people love having physical books but nothing compares to light traveling with a kindle loaded with books and knitting patterns!


Lace Blocking Wires?!?!

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I don’t know why I never heard of these before.. and why I don’t already own them!! Thanks to the recent blog posts from yarnharlot about what gifts to give knitters (there are so many things I want off her list!) I recently came across blocking wires. I’m horrible at blocking, I hate blocking because I feel like even though I can admit it makes everything look nicer, I feel like my blocking skills leave much to be desired. These make it feel like it would be much easier and the results would make me want to block EVERYTHING!

Secret Santa

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Just finished making something for my work’s secret Santa. We have to bring a small gift every day starting next Monday for one week and I decided to give my co worker a coffee mug that will be filled each day with essentials to make it through winter without getting sick, things like hand sanitizer, cough drops, tea and honey, etc. And to make it not as sterile a gift, I made a quick mitten today that I’ll pin to his wall and I plan on getting some scratchers or lotto ticket. Hopefully if he wins he kicks some of the money back haha


This mitten took a little less than an hr to make, I’m sure it won’t be appreciated for the effort but it was worthwhile to sample a new pattern and just get some creative juices flowing for other gifts this season. The free pattern was found off the knitpicks website here search for the smitten garland

It’s already December?!?!

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I don’t know how I’m going to handle this holiday season, I haven’t started any gift crafting yet and I’m blanking on most of what I should make for friends/family. Hopefully some inspiration will hit me today as I’m browsing M&L fabrics during their 20% holiday sale! I also couldn’t resist buying more yarn from knitpicks during their cyber monday sale so maybe something will come up on ravelry or knitty that will make it onto my needles before month end.

I think I need to try making a crafting timeline again, but so far the only thing I have on it is to finish sandy’s endpaper mitts , which will most likely be completed tomorrow while I’m volunteering at the acacia holiday boutique. I have some things left over from the handmade holiday shop on sale and I’m hoping to get some money to supply my holiday crafting! If anyone will be in the area please drop by, do some browsing and support your local crafters 🙂 Unfortunately we won’t have a way to accept credit cards tomorrow so please come prepared with cash.

As for the rest of the week, I’m still deciding what kind of cookie to make for the cookie swap at work, and I have to get some more things for my week long secret santa that starts on the 12th. I was thinking about doing a quick knit of an ornament along the lines of this and maybe slipping a lotto scratcher in it.

We’re now in the second day of December (yikes!) Let the countdown begin! What is everyone else’s plan of attack this holiday season for crafting?