I don’t know how I’m going to handle this holiday season, I haven’t started any gift crafting yet and I’m blanking on most of what I should make for friends/family. Hopefully some inspiration will hit me today as I’m browsing M&L fabrics during their 20% holiday sale! I also couldn’t resist buying more yarn from knitpicks during their cyber monday sale so maybe something will come up on ravelry or knitty that will make it onto my needles before month end.

I think I need to try making a crafting timeline again, but so far the only thing I have on it is to finish sandy’s endpaper mitts , which will most likely be completed tomorrow while I’m volunteering at the acacia holiday boutique. I have some things left over from the handmade holiday shop on sale and I’m hoping to get some money to supply my holiday crafting! If anyone will be in the area please drop by, do some browsing and support your local crafters 🙂 Unfortunately we won’t have a way to accept credit cards tomorrow so please come prepared with cash.

As for the rest of the week, I’m still deciding what kind of cookie to make for the cookie swap at work, and I have to get some more things for my week long secret santa that starts on the 12th. I was thinking about doing a quick knit of an ornament along the lines of this and maybe slipping a lotto scratcher in it.

We’re now in the second day of December (yikes!) Let the countdown begin! What is everyone else’s plan of attack this holiday season for crafting?