They need better artists

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Just walking around the long beach farmer’s market.. Checking out the fresh produce. Guess this rendering was popular enough since most of the broccoli was sold…



Wow, ok I haven’t posted in awhile…

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So a lot has happened in the new year so far, not as much crafting as I had hoped but here’s a quick update with some visual aides πŸ™‚
First off, Long and Crystal got married!!! They are one of THREE couples that got married this month, two of whom I met while working at Disneyland. My weekends were crazy busy!
It was a really simple, sweet, and intimate ceremony (which I later found out I was only invited to because Long had the common sense to realize that if they got married without inviting me Crystal would be in A LOT of trouble! Especially since I was supposed to be part of their wedding party if they had stuck with their original plan of having a wedding in June instead of getting married sans party) where we were invited to have lunch with the couple afterwards at my favorite BBQ place
mmmm… Tulsa potatoes….

My second wedding was for my high school friend Devi, who had a GORGEOUS ceremony! I’ve decided that the next time I’m invited to an Indian wedding I’m going to take full advantage and wear a sari. Who knew that asians would look so good dressed in a sari?? I was so jealous of everyone. This was also the first craft that I finished in 2012, I made Devi a wedding day survival kit but unfortunately was not able to give it to her until the day of her wedding. So it became more of a honeymoon survival kit (which she later told me came in very handy!)
So here’s Devi with her new husband Nirav :
This is my only picture with the bride, I had to take advantage of the fact that I was featured in the slide show in one of her high school pictures. This was taken either jr or sr year when we went to decorate the rose parade floats.. I think we were in.. environmental club?!?! I have no clue, I just remember Devi was president and I joined because we got to go whale watching.

My third and final wedding was for my good friend Michael, who I met while working at Disney. I finally got my crafting back in order for this wedding and was able to create something that I’m really proud of! Their first dance was to “La Vie En Rose” and I had originally envisioned something different but finally settled on embroidery for my craft medium since I was working on a deadline. I ended up finding the images I liked, traced them onto the back of the fabric with sharpies, and then finished the back with cardstock that I had in my room.

This is my favorite picture of the married couple shortly after their first dance with their beautiful baby girl Nigella

I also had to include this picture. Michael, for those of you who don’t know, is a chef. So I expected to eat really good food at his wedding, and I was not disappointed. I was taking full advantage of the waiters walking around with hors d’oeuvres and this guy (forgot his name already) started teasing me every time he walked by. Β The wedding cake, btw, was amazing. I want to eat it all the time! Hopefully when I go to the farmer’s market with my KBFF tomorrow we can hit up the bakery (Shortin Bread Bakery) They got the white chocolate honey pistachio cake. DELISH!


Last week Ryan got the Puerto Rico anniversary edition so we’ve been playing it non-stop, including a 3 game marathon on Thursday when Mimi came over. This was definitely our favorite game of 2011, and so far it’s still our favorite game for 2012 πŸ™‚ We haven’t even tried any of the included expansion set yet!

The last couple days I’ve been feeling a little under the weather with a very sore throat, I even called into work on Wednesday and ended up sleeping close to 18 hrs. Yesterday when I got home from work I passed out immediately and slept for another 13 hrs, and today’s productivity has been close to nil. I did manage to restore my phone to hopefully wipe out some minor bugs, re-install itunes (so hopefully it will work properly now), and re-installed many many apps. Since I’m too lazy to move some old pictures back onto my phone, I had to make due with what was available through my photo stream. My new wallpaper makes me happy πŸ™‚


Although I do miss coco…