How was your weekend? Mine was filled with cheese.. glorious, delicious, ooey gooey cheese! After entering the Grilled Cheese Invitational last year, I knew it was something I would definitely want to compete in again. While I was on vacation in Chicago (see previous post) I kept my eyes open for any interesting cheese that might be great to work with for my entry this year. Luckily I managed to find Brunkow Cheese‘s unique bread cheese. I fell in love immediately and bought one to take home to play around with (the jalapeno variety) and realized that I would need to figure out how to get my hands on more of this stuff before I got too attached to the idea of it for my sandwich. Thank goodness for the internet so that I found a way to contact Joseph to ask about how I could buy more cheese. He was incredibly kind and offered to sponsor my entry if I was willing to wear his shirt and he sent me more than enough cheese for the competition!


These shirts garnered lots of attention as we walked around the Rose Bowl, we even had some people who wanted to trade shirts for them! I’m also pretty sure this is the main reason why one of the executive judges stopped by to talk to us while we were cooking our sandwiches.



This it not the most flattering picture of my entry, “I’m a Pepper!”, but it will have to do for now. In case anyone is wondering, this is the jalapeno bread cheese with brie, pepper jack, fuji apple jalapeno jelly, and a crisp wonton skin. Effectively an “inside out” grilled cheese.


The executive judge who talked to us about the sandwich was Laura Werlin, who has to be the most qualified grilled cheese judge ever, having written 5 books about cheese, two of which are specifically about grilled cheese! At the competition each of the 17 judges were allowed to choose their favorite from the competition and “I’m a Pepper!” was chosen by Laura!!!! I will admit, I screamed a little when they called my sandwich as a winner, but that should be expected for everyone who knows me 🙂


Some highlights from the competition :

this guy.. who plays the balloon as a bass.. I have video, will have to figure out how to post it on here or at least link back to it.


And this has to be my favorite costume of those who chose to dress up. Although my brother would have to argue and say “Tiger Sharks!” were the real winners, but since there are no photos of that costume I’ll have to say he’s crazy.