It’s always exciting to be part of a major event in a friend’s life. Especially when you love them and only want the very best for them. So when Danny announced his plans to not only throw a surprise birthday party for Mimi, but to also use this same party to propose.. I couldn’t wait. He had this amazing idea to provide a claw machine for the party and for all gifts to be placed inside the machine. He asked me to make something that he could put the ring in, and my mind immediately went into overdrive trying to figure out what I could make that was Mimi/Danny related.  So off to ravelry I went in search of the perfect pattern.  After a couple false starts, some failed ideas, and some determination I finally settled on making a minion.


A little less than a year ago I went to the OC fair with Mimi and Danny and we ate our way around the fairgrounds, played games and had a great time.  They each won a minion and the five of us continued our eating tour of the fair 🙂


The best part about taking the train, other than whispering quietly about our excitement about the impending engagement with K, was working on this little guy.


This is the point where I ignored my own advice of keeping faith in a pattern, because he obviously looked too fat for his pants so I just started increasing.. a lot.


Had to include this picture, it’s cute that they’re friends 🙂 I have a new stuffie that lives with the pirate bunny now (thanks Mimi!!)


Whenever I see anything with glasses but without pupils, I always think of scary Elijah Woods from Sin City. Total creepers.. he needs pupils STAT!


You can see his pants are a little baggy.. which worked out because now there was room for me to add an inside pocket for the ring to go! This picture was taken around 3am the night before the party. I think we all know how well I do with deadlines..


After getting about 4 hours of sleep, I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep so I made this little heart pillow for the ring. BTW get a good look at that ring! Danny designed it himself. Gorgeous!!


Before the party I went to costco and picked up 15 churros to try and recreate the churro cake from Mr. Sunshine. I think all parties should include churro cakes from now on!


Along with these amazing cookies! I guess I haven’t been on pinterest much lately because they have been making their rounds and Danny’s sister in law made them. I was amazed. I also want more of them!


Other people were so smart and actually put food in the claw machine for Mimi to win! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that for myself!!!!


Poor goat pants couldn’t be there, I guess living in Finland is an acceptable excuse. He did manage to take quite a few poses for us though so he was there in spirit 🙂 I really love this picture!


Congrats to Mimi and Danny!