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the wish list sweepstakes is back at knitpicks and if you’re so inclined, I’ve included my short but sweet list as well


Time for a photo dump update

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So my Florida trip came and went. I wish I could go back to enjoy more vacation time, especially since I subscribed to quite a few food blogs to research the best places to eat before we went, and I still have not unsubscribed so I keep seeing what is coming up that I have no access to. Ah well, we decided to make the trip again in five years for our 35th birthday!

Here is a quick review :

Universal Island of Adventures – worth the admission solely for the Harry Potter section. Can’t wait for the addition to open here at our Universal park.

Animal Kingdom – the shows, animals, and especially Expedition Everest make this park worth visiting more than once

Hollywood Studios – only really worth it for Tower of Terror, although we didn’t really explore the park so maybe there’s more that I’m missing. I will admit that one of our best meals was in this park though at the Brown Derby. ps, our Fantasmic is so much better

Magic Kingdom – this park is like stepping back in time for lots of attractions that no longer exist in our park, although it took awhile for me to realize one thing that was missing from the skyline was the matterhorn mountain. weird. one thing that this park does really well compared to our park is the ride queues. I know it’s a weird thing to compliment but they really did a great job of setting things up to keep people entertained while waiting in lines for the popular’s too bad they don’t do that in our parks, maybe we would have less grouchy tourists if they did.

Epcot – the sole reason why we flew across the country for this trip. the food and wine festival was amazing, we ate so much food it’s still a little mind boggling. it really was like a marathon of food and I would like to think we did a pretty great job of tackling all of the goals I set for us, from sampling 13 different creme brulee’s, to trying something from all of the 27 food booths. there were a couple things that I would do over, but for the most park this entire trip lived up to my expectations.

we stayed at the Art of Animation resort and I would definitely recommend staying here to anyone else planning a trip, I will probably try and stay here again when we plan our next trip.

ok. onto the photo dump 🙂