I tend to follow a crap ton of food blogs, and I over-mark more recipes than I can ever hope to actually try. Sometimes I actually attempt to make something though when it really seems plausible, and yesterday I tried my hand at finally making my own sweet rolls. Not just any sweet rolls though, I tried making blueberry lemon sweet rolls. I did try snapping a couple progress pictures since I’m not sure when I will try something as labor intensive again. Luckily the verdict came out to be incredibly positive so at least it was worth all the effort!

This is the second time I’ve ever tried a recipe that calls for the use of yeast. This was a before picture when I had the dough just hanging out on the counter, I wish I had remembered to take a picture after it had risen for an hour. The smell brought back memories of my parent’s pizza place and how the back of the kitchen always smelled when it was time to make fresh pizza dough.


Fresh lemon sugar. I want to do this all the time now whenever I get my hands on some fresh lemons! Just zest and mix, so simple but yummy.


Not the best picture, but here are my rolling skills in action. I tried my best to get it evenly flat and THIN. I tend to under-sweeten my baked goods because I’m always worried it will be too sweet and that always ruins desserts for me. I also bought way too many blueberries for this project.. I have an extra carton left in my fridge.


I also tried to cram as much as humanly possible into this one baking pan. If anyone wants to get me anything for christmas, baking supplies like cookie sheets and various pans are a great idea. I always end up multitasking with what limited supplies I have, I had to reuse this pan last night to bake some lasagna since it’s my week to cook.


Finally, the finished product! Obviously I have now learned my lesson about cramping the rolls. They didn’t bake quite as evenly as I had hoped and some were a bit too “doughy” as my brother would put it. All good lessons to learn though, I have a little bit of dough left in the fridge so I plan on making a much smaller batch on wednesday for my weekly dinner/tv date with my KBFF 🙂


Thanks for indulging my poor photography skills. I like reliving my cooking triumphs, no matter how small!