If you follow me on twitter, fb, g+, or even now, tumblr you will notice that l have been a fan of the Lizzie Bennet Diaires for quite some time now. It has now reached a point where I have become like a drug dealer, slowly getting all of my friends hooked, who in turn get their friends/family hooked. So naturally, when the opportunity came up for my friends and I to MEET some of the very talented people involved with the series, we immediately bought tickets for the streamy meet the nominees panel. I then decided that it would be creepy thoughtful if I knitted something for Ashley (the actress who plays Lizzie) in the hopes that if they are still filming videos, she would possibly wear it. So after that idea came to me, I absolutely HAD to do it, and l searched ravelry for a pattern that l thought would be something she might like. After reading all of her posts on tumblr about the clothing she chooses to wear/buy, it became very obvious that she likes Anthropologie (who doesn’t?!?) and that something with an interesting design would be best. I really love the pattern that I found (that I actually ended up knitting it twice…) which can be found here mainly for two reasons. 1. the bind detail and 2. the beautiful decreases, which are more obvious when blocked as you can tell. However I ended up giving Ashley my second hat because I’m not the best at blocking and there were a couple small mistakes in the first hat that made the perfectionist in me need to try the pattern over again. Thank goodness she posted a pic of herself wearing the hat because I, for some reason, am unable to attach photos to save my life tonight!!


As for Mr. Bearcy.. well that idea came to me immediately after he became a reality via the diary of a darcy tumblr post and I knew that I needed to make one for myself. Then on Saturday night as I was leaving Communicon, I realized that Bernie would be at the panel as well, and that he would be the best recipient for his very own Mr. Bearcy. So.. lets just say I was up very late knitting, taking short breaks for things like sleep and more fandom immersion for the second day of Communicon. Because I’m not the best at “winging” it while knitting, and I am also not the best at altering patterns, I’m really lucky that we were able to get an extra ticket to the panel tonight which allowed Mimi to join us.  And because she is AMAZEBALLS and knows what I need without me ever having to ask, she instinctively knew to bring her crochet hook with her so that on the car ride over, she could make the hat. It makes me so happy to have such talented friends. If you’re interested in making your own Mr. Bearcy, I used a free pattern from knitpicks which can be found here.  Looking at the picture of how the bear should look I’m realizing now that I don’t follow directions as carefully as I thought I did. Whoops! Once again, thanks to Ashley who posted this pic immediately. I felt so validated as the number of likes and reblogs on instagram and tumblr, I know that’s silly.