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My role in life is forever changed. Today I became an aunt!! And my parents are grandparents!!!!!!! And my brother has a baby 🙂 and before you ask, no I haven’t held the baby yet. I’ll let cooper’s parents do more of that first 🙂

I can’t wait for this kid to go home, I wanna be there for so many firsts! I definitely claim first trip to Disneyland (aunt sandy!!!!) in the future. Tonight I’ll get to hang out with Leader, but for now I’m waiting for the new parents to be settled into their overnight room. Cooper is finally here, this is so exciting 🙂



Forgotten memories

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Tonight I brought a box with me to my parent’s house so I could attempt to take more of my stuff out of my old room. My dad has been nagging me to get my junk out, and I’ve been very very slow about it. Tonight I focused on the closet and was reminded of the period in my life when I used lunch box tins as my purse. Apparently their newest function in life was to store the most random assortment of memories possible. Some were truly filled with junk, others held old ticket stubs and lots of pins/name tags from my years at Disneyland. I spent a lot more time opening and sorting through the memories than anything else productive, and in the end I only succeeded in moving the box out of my room and into the living room 🙂 sorry dad!! I promise I will come back for it!! The only thing I brought home with me tonight was the Harry potter book collection. Priorities people, priorities!!

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share some of the random things I kept over the years, and then promptly forgot!








So this lip pencil harkens back to when I was a bridesmaid in Nicole’s wedding. This is how little I wear makeup!



Look how old this matchbook is!! Fed co still existed! Sometimes I wish my parents still owned the pizza restaurant.

And He’s Off to Travel the World!!

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Sniff.. It seems like just yesterday I was inspired to knit mister bearcy, and today he starts his journey through the LBD fandom. I’m thrilled to see him off and can’t believe the reception he’s received from everyone 🙂 see you sometime in 2014 little bear!!! Be safe! And take LOTS of pictures!!

Down to the last day!!

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So today is our last day for anyone wishing to host mister bearcy on his travels around the world and it’s exciting to see some last minute applications trickle in 🙂 We’ve also been getting a great return response from the first batch of accepted hosts and it makes me even more anxious to get him out into the world so we can see his pictures!

Last night was my brother’s birthday (and also last birthday without a baby!!!) so caro and I brainstormed what kind of cake to get him. She realized that he wouldn’t really want a cake full of sugar, and I had already offered to get potato balls from porto’s after work since I’m only a block away, so it was decided that he would get a curry donut/potato ball cake 🙂 The girls working at porto’s got a kick out of the cake idea when I started asking for birthday candle options. I couldn’t resist getting batman.