So today is our last day for anyone wishing to host mister bearcy on his travels around the world and it’s exciting to see some last minute applications trickle in 🙂 We’ve also been getting a great return response from the first batch of accepted hosts and it makes me even more anxious to get him out into the world so we can see his pictures!

Last night was my brother’s birthday (and also last birthday without a baby!!!) so caro and I brainstormed what kind of cake to get him. She realized that he wouldn’t really want a cake full of sugar, and I had already offered to get potato balls from porto’s after work since I’m only a block away, so it was decided that he would get a curry donut/potato ball cake 🙂 The girls working at porto’s got a kick out of the cake idea when I started asking for birthday candle options. I couldn’t resist getting batman.