And his name is Mister Bearcy. Right now he’s out in the world, traveling and having his own adventures, but I realized this weekend as I was having multiple excursions each day that I kept reaching for a photo buddy who is no longer with me.


Ever since Friday night after I got out of work, I’ve been going non stop for the entire weekend. First there was dinner at slater’s 50/50 (my first time eating there), then it was a quick geocaching event that lead us to our final destination of trampoline jumping!!! All of which made me realize how badly I need to start exercising again. I. Was. TIRED!!!!!!





Jump to Saturday and I picked up some breakfast for Ryan and Caro as an excuse to visit and see Cooper (who is over 2 weeks old now folks!), then it was off to Pasadena for the Make Music Fest. Sandy and I went to see Hunter Hunted (formerly Lady Danville) and to eat some fun food. Our mission was accomplished with an extra treat of ice cream from the Cool Haus truck. I got an ice cream sandwich made from one peanut butter and cap’n crunch cookie, one snickerdoodle cookie, and one scoop of bananas fosters ice cream. It was DELICIOUS! We watched one more band perform before heading out to LA, Yacht. Thanks to Denise I just finished watching their episode of “A day in the life” on Hulu. Now I know they are not only a band but a life philosophy LOL. So after all of the sun, heat and free music, we made our way to LA so I could pick up the birthday gift I ordered for my brother, and we had extra time so we checked out a new gallery exhibit from Gallery 1988. Then it was off to Largo for our night at Thrilling Adventure. The guest stars weren’t that exciting (ie no Nathan Fillion, Rider Strong, or JGL) but the new Sparks episodes were great! It was really nice meeting Rebecca Mader though for her first time guesting with the show. She gives me hope that more cast members from Lost will appear at the Largo sometime soon. I missed Paget for Beyond Belief though. I’m already looking forward to their August show.






Today.. Today makes me tired just thinking about it!! Today I tried to cram so much in, and for the most part I was successful! So it started off with a trip to the long beach Patchworks where I ate and bought a lot more than I was planning. The pitfalls of loving unique and hand crafted items, and for having my credit card on me. But now I have new yarn, new wristlet, and a new dessert place I want to frequent for more creme brûlée. Then it was off to Anaheim to pick up Mimi so we could go watch Danny and his band play a quick show in Costa Mesa before heading out to Balboa Island for the Arrested Development Banana Stand!!! If I had the right app to draw a bear into my photo with the banana stand… from Newport Beach I drove to Whittier for a BBQ with old Disney friends, then it was back to Cerritos to have dinner with family. And here I am now, hopefully sleeping soon before another full week of work.