I may have a problem

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And his name is Mister Bearcy. Right now he’s out in the world, traveling and having his own adventures, but I realized this weekend as I was having multiple excursions each day that I kept reaching for a photo buddy who is no longer with me.


Ever since Friday night after I got out of work, I’ve been going non stop for the entire weekend. First there was dinner at slater’s 50/50 (my first time eating there), then it was a quick geocaching event that lead us to our final destination of trampoline jumping!!! All of which made me realize how badly I need to start exercising again. I. Was. TIRED!!!!!!





Jump to Saturday and I picked up some breakfast for Ryan and Caro as an excuse to visit and see Cooper (who is over 2 weeks old now folks!), then it was off to Pasadena for the Make Music Fest. Sandy and I went to see Hunter Hunted (formerly Lady Danville) and to eat some fun food. Our mission was accomplished with an extra treat of ice cream from the Cool Haus truck. I got an ice cream sandwich made from one peanut butter and cap’n crunch cookie, one snickerdoodle cookie, and one scoop of bananas fosters ice cream. It was DELICIOUS! We watched one more band perform before heading out to LA, Yacht. Thanks to Denise I just finished watching their episode of “A day in the life” on Hulu. Now I know they are not only a band but a life philosophy LOL. So after all of the sun, heat and free music, we made our way to LA so I could pick up the birthday gift I ordered for my brother, and we had extra time so we checked out a new gallery exhibit from Gallery 1988. Then it was off to Largo for our night at Thrilling Adventure. The guest stars weren’t that exciting (ie no Nathan Fillion, Rider Strong, or JGL) but the new Sparks episodes were great! It was really nice meeting Rebecca Mader though for her first time guesting with the show. She gives me hope that more cast members from Lost will appear at the Largo sometime soon. I missed Paget for Beyond Belief though. I’m already looking forward to their August show.






Today.. Today makes me tired just thinking about it!! Today I tried to cram so much in, and for the most part I was successful! So it started off with a trip to the long beach Patchworks where I ate and bought a lot more than I was planning. The pitfalls of loving unique and hand crafted items, and for having my credit card on me. But now I have new yarn, new wristlet, and a new dessert place I want to frequent for more creme brรปlรฉe. Then it was off to Anaheim to pick up Mimi so we could go watch Danny and his band play a quick show in Costa Mesa before heading out to Balboa Island for the Arrested Development Banana Stand!!! If I had the right app to draw a bear into my photo with the banana stand… from Newport Beach I drove to Whittier for a BBQ with old Disney friends, then it was back to Cerritos to have dinner with family. And here I am now, hopefully sleeping soon before another full week of work.







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My role in life is forever changed. Today I became an aunt!! And my parents are grandparents!!!!!!! And my brother has a baby ๐Ÿ™‚ and before you ask, no I haven’t held the baby yet. I’ll let cooper’s parents do more of that first ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait for this kid to go home, I wanna be there for so many firsts! I definitely claim first trip to Disneyland (aunt sandy!!!!) in the future. Tonight I’ll get to hang out with Leader, but for now I’m waiting for the new parents to be settled into their overnight room. Cooper is finally here, this is so exciting ๐Ÿ™‚


Forgotten memories

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Tonight I brought a box with me to my parent’s house so I could attempt to take more of my stuff out of my old room. My dad has been nagging me to get my junk out, and I’ve been very very slow about it. Tonight I focused on the closet and was reminded of the period in my life when I used lunch box tins as my purse. Apparently their newest function in life was to store the most random assortment of memories possible. Some were truly filled with junk, others held old ticket stubs and lots of pins/name tags from my years at Disneyland. I spent a lot more time opening and sorting through the memories than anything else productive, and in the end I only succeeded in moving the box out of my room and into the living room ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry dad!! I promise I will come back for it!! The only thing I brought home with me tonight was the Harry potter book collection. Priorities people, priorities!!

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share some of the random things I kept over the years, and then promptly forgot!








So this lip pencil harkens back to when I was a bridesmaid in Nicole’s wedding. This is how little I wear makeup!



Look how old this matchbook is!! Fed co still existed! Sometimes I wish my parents still owned the pizza restaurant.

Down to the last day!!

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So today is our last day for anyone wishing to host mister bearcy on his travels around the world and it’s exciting to see some last minute applications trickle in ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve also been getting a great return response from the first batch of accepted hosts and it makes me even more anxious to get him out into the world so we can see his pictures!

Last night was my brother’s birthday (and also last birthday without a baby!!!) so caro and I brainstormed what kind of cake to get him. She realized that he wouldn’t really want a cake full of sugar, and I had already offered to get potato balls from porto’s after work since I’m only a block away, so it was decided that he would get a curry donut/potato ball cake ๐Ÿ™‚ The girls working at porto’s got a kick out of the cake idea when I started asking for birthday candle options. I couldn’t resist getting batman.


Thursdays are the best

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I love my friends. We gather every Thursday night for dinner and to just hang out, sometimes craft or watch tv, always catching up and enjoying each other’s company. I look forward to Thursday’s every week for our weekly get together, and this week was no different. We got to spend time with a slightly larger group for happy hour at the local sushi joint and then spent the next 3 hrs or so at B’s house. I had time to work on my knitting and we eventually got down to the business of starting to plan out mister bearcy’s travel plans. We’ve had such a great response so far, and with a little under a week left for hosting submissions we believe he will be traveling around the world for almost a year straight! I really hope this works out well, I can’t wait to see the pictures of his travels. And once again, I find myself incredibly jealous of where he will be visiting. I’m hoping that there will be a chance for some of the fans to connect with other local fans so they can all meet and share this unique experience in person. It really amazing how much the Internet has changed the way we are able to connect and interact with fans.

I hope everyone has a great weekend coming up! After work today I’m headed out to LA for the opening of the Bad Robot art gallery. Then Sunday I’ll be headed out to the taste of HB ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve always wanted to hold a contest!

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Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE contests! I mean, my twitter and tumblr accounts were created solely to enter contests. So I’ve always wanted to someday hold my own contest, and today with my friends, this dream is coming true ๐Ÿ™‚ follow this link for more information!!


My Knitting Queue

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I’ve been looking at ravelry non-stop lately for new, quick, awesome projects recently. Probably because this baby blanket is taking much longer than I was expecting, and I keep sidetracking myself with instant gratification knits like Mr. Bearcy and hats! I’m also itching to try out new techniques like double knitting for the best, probably geekiest thing I’ll ever knit (so far) which is the One Ring scarf. I’ll be honest, I was looking for something LOTR inspired because I thought it would be cool to make it for MK Wiles, who plays Lydia Bennet in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.. but now I’m not sure if I’ll have the heart to give it away once I’m finished with it. That’s definitely what happened with my Dark Mark scarf that I had promised to Linda, but it still lives with me ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, here is a new list of things I want to make while the knitting mood is hot! Feel free to comment and add suggestions to my list!

1. I am in love with this. I also think I could possibly find something similar to it that’s free, possibly some of this mixed with this, and with this hood?? while I was searching through these patterns I came across something that I think would be perfect for Violet..

2. Little Red Riding Hood. I don’t know why I think she would like it, but I want to make it for her and dress her up and run around the park with it. Is that weird? I’ll answer myself.. yes, it’s weird. But I still want this to happen.

3. Another geeky knit that I want to make is this wonderful pattern from knitty that was featured once. I know one giant Dr. Who fan would will love it ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe by Christmas?? No promises….

But really, all this pattern browsing just makes me want to buy more yarn. LOTS AND LOTS OF YARN!!! I think I need to start up a trade.. maybe this should be a thing, like a pay it forward.. I make you something, you buy my yarn for my next project!

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