And He’s Off to Travel the World!!

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Sniff.. It seems like just yesterday I was inspired to knit mister bearcy, and today he starts his journey through the LBD fandom. I’m thrilled to see him off and can’t believe the reception he’s received from everyone 🙂 see you sometime in 2014 little bear!!! Be safe! And take LOTS of pictures!!


Down to the last day!!

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So today is our last day for anyone wishing to host mister bearcy on his travels around the world and it’s exciting to see some last minute applications trickle in 🙂 We’ve also been getting a great return response from the first batch of accepted hosts and it makes me even more anxious to get him out into the world so we can see his pictures!

Last night was my brother’s birthday (and also last birthday without a baby!!!) so caro and I brainstormed what kind of cake to get him. She realized that he wouldn’t really want a cake full of sugar, and I had already offered to get potato balls from porto’s after work since I’m only a block away, so it was decided that he would get a curry donut/potato ball cake 🙂 The girls working at porto’s got a kick out of the cake idea when I started asking for birthday candle options. I couldn’t resist getting batman.


Thursdays are the best

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I love my friends. We gather every Thursday night for dinner and to just hang out, sometimes craft or watch tv, always catching up and enjoying each other’s company. I look forward to Thursday’s every week for our weekly get together, and this week was no different. We got to spend time with a slightly larger group for happy hour at the local sushi joint and then spent the next 3 hrs or so at B’s house. I had time to work on my knitting and we eventually got down to the business of starting to plan out mister bearcy’s travel plans. We’ve had such a great response so far, and with a little under a week left for hosting submissions we believe he will be traveling around the world for almost a year straight! I really hope this works out well, I can’t wait to see the pictures of his travels. And once again, I find myself incredibly jealous of where he will be visiting. I’m hoping that there will be a chance for some of the fans to connect with other local fans so they can all meet and share this unique experience in person. It really amazing how much the Internet has changed the way we are able to connect and interact with fans.

I hope everyone has a great weekend coming up! After work today I’m headed out to LA for the opening of the Bad Robot art gallery. Then Sunday I’ll be headed out to the taste of HB 🙂

I’ve always wanted to hold a contest!

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Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE contests! I mean, my twitter and tumblr accounts were created solely to enter contests. So I’ve always wanted to someday hold my own contest, and today with my friends, this dream is coming true 🙂 follow this link for more information!!


Cooper’s Baby Shower

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So this past Sunday was the baby shower for my future nephew. Back in November when I was taking advantage of KnitPick’s black friday sale, I decided that there were 3 projects that I wanted to knit for Cooper.  The biggest project being the OpArt blanket from Knitty.  When this pattern was first published I knew that I wanted to knit it someday, it just had to take a special someone to make me commit to making a blanket, easily the largest knitting project I’ve accomplished so far. Looking back through my progress pictures I also realized that the blanket took me about 3 months of knitting.  It’s not that the pattern is particularly hard, I just had certain roadblocks.  The first being that I didn’t have enough extensions for my circular needles to accommodate such a large circumference.  The second problem was that after it reached a certain size, every time I tried to work on it, the blanket would put me to sleep. It was just too soft and warm and comfortable on my lap, I couldn’t resist it. I would work for maybe half an hour and then immediately get lulled into a state of extreme drowsiness.  I ended up finishing the blanket the same week that I moved into my new place, I think I might have blogged about it, or maybe the finished picture is just floating on instgram (edit to include blog post).. but either way, I couldn’t resist showing it off the second it came off the needles. So I realized I would have no surprise gift for the shower, which made me sad.  Which made me turn to Ravelry for inspiration, per usual, and it led me to the CUTEST little knit outfit ever.  I’m not sure if this is still the inspiration for the baby room now, but at some point in the decoration planning it became Zelda themed. I’m still amazed that I was able to accomplish this in time, but with exactly one week’s deadline, I knit the Baby Link outfit.  I stayed up until (usually) 2am knitting every night after work, and it really worked in my favor that I couldn’t go to Jess’s house on Wednesday for our usual tv time. I had no life last week, which is why every picture for the week was my progress shot before going to bed on my project 365 photo app.


I found the perfect pack of buttons at JoAnn’s on Saturday so I was able to finish the back and weave in all the ends of the outfit and the blanket on Sunday morning. Luckily I woke up with enough time to finish and still run all the errands before the shower. I also wanted to include the group photo of everything I made, plus the super adorable take home mini pies that Carolyn baked for all of the shower guests!
20130408-193142.jpg  20130408-193215.jpg
I had to resist posting these photos on instagram or facebook because it would ruin the surprise for my brother and sister in law. For those of you following me on twitter or tumblr, I apologize for the constant updating of photos.. I think I’ve become addicted to needing to hear praise for my projects.  It makes me feel like I’m spending my time wisely, but I’m sure there are MANY more things I could be doing that are more productive.

so I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple days now

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so I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple days now

I joined the LBD ravelry group and started a Mr. Bearcy KAL for all the people who were interested in making their own. I was so happy that two people took me up on it and posted pictures of their finished bears! One is even international, all the way in Finland! I’m so proud, it’s almost as if I could take credit for the actual pattern or even the idea. I’m just going to settle for “I inspired others!” which is pretty great.


Anyways, for those who are fans of the show there is an incredibly successful kickstarter going on right now. And for those of you who follow me but are not watching (WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING??!) the series is wrapping up so I promise my future posts will not be so LBD centric. Hopefully =)

Sweet Jebus

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there is a reason why I haven’t tried making a sweater yet.. or anything where sizing truly matters. yeaaaaarsss ago I started making sandy a pair of endpaper mitts and I started off pretty well. knocked one out super fast, then got bored and picked up other projects in between (this was probably my 3rd or 4th time making this same pattern) and I ended up forgetting about it. over the years it would somehow make its way back into my hands to knit a little more, then I would lose the project for another year or so. finally it got to the point where it has been sitting in its ziploc bag for 1.5 years with only the thumb gusset left to do. THE THUMB GUSSET!! well, I finally finished that tonight, weaved in all the ends, and took a proud step back to tell my friend I finished her mitts!! only to realize how drastic the difference in sizing is. whoops!



but on a MUCH happier note! I FINISHED OP ART!!! it took close to 3 months, my gauge was off (because I refuse to swatch anything) and I ran out of yarn for the suggested large size, which means it’s still pretty big, but the color block is a little off for the last round of yellow… and it’s not nearly as big if I had bought enough yarn to do 2 more color blocks! ah well. now we’ll see how long it takes me to start weaving in the ends (the part of any project that I hate the most.. next to blocking) the dvd is there for scale since I don’t have a baby nephew to place in the center yet       0_o


thanks to jess for suggesting I do an i-cord bind off! I think it really makes the whole project look more professional now, this might be my new go to bind off! 

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