So once again, I couldn’t help myself. But this time I blame B for being so pro active about creating a new knitted stuffed animal to play around in mister bearcy’s world by creating a new character : emma woodmouse after it was announced in the LBD kickstarter that Bernie and company would be doing another adaptation. So after it was announced at vidcon that Emma would be the next series, B informed me about her character which immediately made me start searching ravelry for a pattern (which can be found here if anyone else wants to knit this) and I was lucky enough to have M’s yarn stash at my disposal. So this basically took about 6 hrs? Probably less but there were some distractions and a location change. But either way, I’m so happy with the results! Here are some in progress photos along with a finished photo with myself and mister bearcy.





I love my friends 🙂 thank you for indulging me and joining me on this twitter personality journey! I can’t wait to see what happens next