So once again I decided to knit something as a gift for someone that I was really excited to meet. For some background, I am a HUGE fan of the old computer games from Lucas Arts : Monkey Island , Sam and Max hit the road , and my favorite Day of the Tentacle and I also grew up in the heyday of TGIF so when I first discovered that Rider Strong was 1) on twitter and 2) has a podcast (Literary Disco) I started following him. Full disclosure, I’ve only listened to two episodes so far; one about The Fault in Our Stars and other YA novels, and one episode about graphic novels which lead Rider to talk about Monkey Island. So when they started talking about doing a live recording of their podcast in August I couldn’t resist going. As the time grew near I suddenly thought it would be a good idea to knit Rider a purple tentacle, and because I like to procrastinate I didn’t start working on it until the night before. In my head I thought I would just find a pattern for a traffic cone and just make some slight alterations. Sorry for all the photos, but as Bethany knows I LOVE in progress/behind the scenes photos 🙂

So I used a basic cone pattern, started improvising the length an width, then finally decided at the end that my little tentacle would end up as a finger puppet since I couldn’t figure out the best way to knit a circular bottom to enclose the stuffing. Which really worked out best anyways for when I needed to add the finishing details of his circles and eyebrow.

I think I might need to make more of these so if anyone is interested I will try to write out a pattern!






Can I just say I LOVE when other people get a kick out of my knitting? I was waiting with Sandy so she could get a picture with Rider after the podcast and these girls were in front of us and they asked about the finger puppet and then she took a picture. So I took a picture of her taking the picture haha