A Knitting Year in Review

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So I’ve never thought to do this before, but I became curious tonight as to how many knitting projects I’ve actually finished this year, and I have to admit this might be my most productive year ever. Granted, most of my knitting was geared towards fandom and almost none of these things were actually asked for. In that regard, I am productive for personal projects, but extremely behind on promised/gifts.. (Kristiana, I’m so sorry I didn’t make S’s stocking in time even with a year’s notice!!!! I AM THE WORST)

My memory is pretty poor that I had to scour my ravelry, my photo a day app, and this blog to try and track down everything that I made in 2013, so here is a quick and dirty rundown of my Top 5 Finished projects that I am most proud of :

#5 : Cooper’s Blanket

My first blanket. EVER. And it was super easy!!! I couldn’t ask for an easier pattern for my first attempt, and thank goodness for baby sized because this blanket practically put me to sleep once it got big enough to cover my lap while knitting. For that reason alone I think it took me an extra month of knitting to finish.

#4 : the Tardis

I made this as a birthday present for Mimi, and it looks like I never made a blog entry for it. I don’t remember how long it took me, but probably close to 2 weeks to finish?? I impressed myself more than I should have with the idea of altering the patter so that I would have the least amount of finishing possible in the end. I’m so happy with the finished product even though the pillow came out a little wonky in the end.

#3 : Cooper’s Link Costume

I’ve never made a sweater before, or really had to make armholes in the traditional sense. I also have never tried knitting buttonhole panels or  flat circle before. For these reasons, I am EXTREMELY proud of how well this outfit came out, especially considering it was a last minute project that meant knitting about 5-6 hrs each night after work for an entire week straight. Probably the most productive knitting spurt I’ve ever done, besides the time that Bethany hosted a holiday craft sale and I knitted through almost an entire series marathon of Gossip Girl to try and create inventory.


#2 : Rider’s Purple Tentacle finger puppet

Guys. I finally created something completely on my own, no pattern followed, only visually guided to knit this. It was hard to part with, I will need to try making this again someday, and just.. yeah. Super proud of this one.


#1 : Mister Bearcy, the Hat, and everything that follows (Alex KnightBee, Emma Woodmouse, FitzBearcy)

I was a bit neurotic while making this hat that I made it twice in 2 nights before going to the first Communicon. It was my first time knitting a band to attach a hat to, and my first time having to block a hat afterwards. I probably could have just stuck with the one hat, but I’m glad I got the extra practice in, especially since Ashley ended up using it in her last costume theater episode 🙂 As for the bear.. what a year it’s been for that little guy! I’m a little sad that Bernie no longer uses him as his profile picture, but that definitely hasn’t stopped Mister Bearcy from meeting new people and traveling the world! He has been hosted by 17 lovely fans around the world, is currently with his 18th host, and will be traveling with another 17-20 hosts (we do have one drop out currently so back up hosts, maybe in the next month or so you should check your email..) to complete his worldly travels. Seriously so jealous of this bear. I also cannot wait to see what he will return with since it seems that some of our hosts have been generous enough to send him on with souvenirs! Hopefully I will get an updated post about his past/current travels up since I know there have been some questions as to his whereabouts.

Image Image

Honorable Mention goes to:

the Bearcy Bowtie bracelet that I made per request from Alex (my 3rd attempt at creating my own pattern)


the Firefly cosplay hat I made for Bearcy (also without a pattern.. maybe I should admit that sometimes I can manage to make something without someone else telling me how..)


and the many, many, many entrelac cowls I’ve been making non-stop lately because I can’t resist beautiful yarns, and I would love to someday stock my etsy store with actual goods to purchase 🙂


So as a final recap, here is everything that I (can remember/took a picture of/blogged about) knitted in 2013 :

4 mister bearcy dolls

2 cabled hats

1 finger puppet

1 baby blanket

1 tardis

1 link costume

1 shawl (technically I made this twice, I had to frog it after I finished it the first time because it was entirely too small)

6 entrelac cowls

1 emma woodmouse

1 alex knightbee

various cosplay items for bearcy (house scarves/bowties, hp glasses, jayne cobb hat, fitz wig)

1 bowtie bracelet

and finally finishing the endpaper mitts that I took a 3-4 year break on.


Cooper’s Baby Shower

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So this past Sunday was the baby shower for my future nephew. Back in November when I was taking advantage of KnitPick’s black friday sale, I decided that there were 3 projects that I wanted to knit for Cooper.  The biggest project being the OpArt blanket from Knitty.  When this pattern was first published I knew that I wanted to knit it someday, it just had to take a special someone to make me commit to making a blanket, easily the largest knitting project I’ve accomplished so far. Looking back through my progress pictures I also realized that the blanket took me about 3 months of knitting.  It’s not that the pattern is particularly hard, I just had certain roadblocks.  The first being that I didn’t have enough extensions for my circular needles to accommodate such a large circumference.  The second problem was that after it reached a certain size, every time I tried to work on it, the blanket would put me to sleep. It was just too soft and warm and comfortable on my lap, I couldn’t resist it. I would work for maybe half an hour and then immediately get lulled into a state of extreme drowsiness.  I ended up finishing the blanket the same week that I moved into my new place, I think I might have blogged about it, or maybe the finished picture is just floating on instgram (edit to include blog post).. but either way, I couldn’t resist showing it off the second it came off the needles. So I realized I would have no surprise gift for the shower, which made me sad.  Which made me turn to Ravelry for inspiration, per usual, and it led me to the CUTEST little knit outfit ever.  I’m not sure if this is still the inspiration for the baby room now, but at some point in the decoration planning it became Zelda themed. I’m still amazed that I was able to accomplish this in time, but with exactly one week’s deadline, I knit the Baby Link outfit.  I stayed up until (usually) 2am knitting every night after work, and it really worked in my favor that I couldn’t go to Jess’s house on Wednesday for our usual tv time. I had no life last week, which is why every picture for the week was my progress shot before going to bed on my project 365 photo app.


I found the perfect pack of buttons at JoAnn’s on Saturday so I was able to finish the back and weave in all the ends of the outfit and the blanket on Sunday morning. Luckily I woke up with enough time to finish and still run all the errands before the shower. I also wanted to include the group photo of everything I made, plus the super adorable take home mini pies that Carolyn baked for all of the shower guests!
20130408-193142.jpg  20130408-193215.jpg
I had to resist posting these photos on instagram or facebook because it would ruin the surprise for my brother and sister in law. For those of you following me on twitter or tumblr, I apologize for the constant updating of photos.. I think I’ve become addicted to needing to hear praise for my projects.  It makes me feel like I’m spending my time wisely, but I’m sure there are MANY more things I could be doing that are more productive.